Who was Z’yon Person? Killed By Durham Rapper Antonio ‘Lil Tony’ Davenport, Gets Life In Prison

A North Carolina rapper and his gangbanger comrade were sentenced to life in prison this week for the death of a 9-year-old boy in an erroneous revenge killing, according to federal authorities.

Anthony “Lil Tony” Davenport, 27, was temporarily taken from federal court on Tuesday after spitting on a worker and launching into a profanity-laced tirade, only to return after a clear “anti-spit” hood was placed over his head, according to a local broadcaster WRAL.


How Did Z’yon Person Die?

Prosecutors claim that in an August 2019 drive-by shooting, Davenport and his friend Derick “Smacc” Dixon, 30, fatally shot 9-year-old Z’yon Person while believing they were murdering a member of a rival gang. Their intended victim allegedly stole Davenport’s valuables days earlier and shamed him on social media.

According to Sandra Hairston, the US attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, in a statement, the two fired at least 22 shots into an SUV they believed belonged to the rival but was actually being driven by little Z’yon’s aunt with five children inside while on their way to get snow cones.

The youngster’s 8-year-old cousin was shot in the arm, but the boy was hit in the head. According to the prosecution, police connected Davenport to the shooting using the ankle monitor he was wearing.

According to officials and sources, Davenport, a member of the street gang Eight Trey Gangster Crips, was seeking vengeance because his ego was hurt after rival gang members stole valuables from him at the Streets at Southport mall on August 13, 2019, in an incident they documented on Instagram.

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Prosecutors claim that the rapper planned vengeance while exchanging threatening DMs with the intended target of the shooting on social media with fellow gang members Dixon and Dival “Paco” Magwood, 24.

Rapper Gets Life In Prison

On August 18, the group pursued an SUV they believed belonged to the adversary and started shooting at about 8:30 p.m., with Davenport carrying a 9mm and Dixon carrying a.40-caliber, according to the prosecution. According to the statement, Magwood, who was carrying a 7.62 assault-style rifle, did not fire.

Following a trial in July, Davenport was found guilty after Dixon submitted a guilty plea in May. At his sentencing on Tuesday, he remained belligerent and retaliated against an associate district attorney for the allegations of the jewelry battle, according to WRAL.

According to accounts, Davenport, a member of the hip-hop trio 83 Babies, denied shooting the child during the trial.


According to the station, his relatives, who were watching the proceedings, joined in the commotion by shouting, “We know you didn’t kill that youngster.” According to WRAL, the federal judge stated that the rapper “reacted more strongly” to the prosecutor’s remark regarding the jewels than to Z’yon’s family’s heartbreaking statements.

According to the article, he is also a suspect in a 2019 drive-by shooting in which a 13-year-old girl was shot in a car as she waited in line at a drive-thru fast food restaurant.

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