Who is Terri Lynn Johns? Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Pointing Gun At Two Women

After pulling a gun on a vehicle she believed was skipping the line to obtain gas at a Fort Myers gas station, a Florida lady is now being held in the Lee County Jail as of Sunday.

According to the Fort Myers Police Department, Terri Lynn Johns, 59, was detained on Sunday after allegedly brandishing a gun at a car carrying two women she believed were attempting to bypass the gas line. The women, however, were merely attempting to perform a U-turn in traffic, according to Fort Myers Police.

The Fort Myers Police Department stated on Facebook: “Don’t be like Ms. Johns,”

“This is the behaviors that will not be tolerated at any time much less during this state of emergency.”


Charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and brandishing a firearm while committing a crime were brought against Johns, according to the police. The Lee County Jail was holding her as of Saturday night.

police in Fort Myers stated: “This is the behavior that WILL NOT be tolerated at any time much less during this state of emergency,”

People trying to pick up the pieces after Ian, which devastated the Sunshine State days ago and left many dead from the storm’s merciless winds and torrential rain, have encountered excruciatingly long gas queues. One man claimed to have waited six hours to fill up fuel canisters, as reported in the New York Times on Saturday.

There were numerous power disruptions throughout the devastated areas, and the cost of rehabilitation is likely to be in the billions.

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