Who is Ron Duguay’s Girlfriend Sarah Palin? Family And More

Sarah Palin Wiki/Bio

According to a source, ex-NHL great Ron Duguay has stated that he and “friend” Sarah Palin are dating.

Duguay was in Manhattan Federal Courthouse on Friday, supporting the former vice presidential candidate in her defamation case against The New York Times, which was in its seventh day of trial.


Ron Duguay is 64 years old and Sarah Palin is 58 years old.

Ron Duguay’s Children

Ron Duguay has four children, Noah Duguay, Amber Stavros, and Shay Duguay.

Sarah Palin’s Children

Sarah Palin has five children, Bristol Palin, Trig Palin, Willow Palin, Track Palin, and Piper Palin.

Ron Duguay And Sarah Palin

During a dinner date in New York City’s Little Italy on Friday night, former NHL player Ron Duguay revealed his relationship with Sarah Palin.

The couple was seen leaving court together again after Palin, a former presidential candidate, finished the seventh day of her defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.

On Friday, Duguay claimed the two were merely friends, but later that night, a Daily Beast reporter texted him, asking, “Are you dating Sarah Palin?”

‘Hi. Yes,’ said Duguay, a New York Rangers icon.

When the pair walked out of a Manhattan court hand-in-hand on Friday afternoon, they grabbed a lot of attention.

Palin’s birthday was celebrated at the upscale Gelso & Grand restaurant in Little Italy, where the two were subsequently photographed on a dinner date. On Friday, the former governor of Alaska turned 58 years old.

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Palin’s celebratory dinner date, on the other hand, got off to a rocky start when the two couldn’t find a car outside the hotel where she is staying.

Palin requested an Uber on her phone after failing to find a cab, and the ordeal took 20 minutes before the car arrived.

Palin checked her phone before doubling back as the couple was whisked off to Little Italy, where they strolled Mulberry and appeared to be lost.

Finally, the couple chose an outdoor table at Gelso and Grand for a romantic evening, where they shared a Caesar salad and several beverages.

Palin was then seen leaving arm in arm with Duguay, laughing and holding a rose that Duguay had bought for her as they walked down a Manhattan street.

Fans spotted Palin while waiting for their Uber and stopped to grab photographs with the Republican former governor of Alaska.

Palin appeared ecstatic to meet her supporters, and she appeared even more ecstatic to meet another woman bearing flowers who was celebrating her own birthday.

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