Who was Raelynn Cameron? 17-year-old Girl Fatally Shot In Apparent

A 17-year-old girl was discovered shot to death in the lobby of an apartment building in East New York, Brooklyn, after hanging out with pals in an upper-floor apartment.

Around 10:55 p.m. on Monday, Raelynn Cameron was discovered shot in the chest inside the Eldert Lane building’s lobby. The Brookdale University Hospital declared her deceased.


What Happened?

Two men were seen on security footage bringing the wounded teen down from the sixth story of the structure to the foyer. The blood trail led investigators to Apt. 6R, a vacant apartment on the sixth floor, when they arrived. Blood stains were detected on a couch in the vacant apartment’s living room, close to the kitchen, and one.9mm shell casing was located there.

The Far Rockaway, Queens resident who was shot was able to speak with emergency personnel while being taken to the hospital, but she was unable to identify the shooter before she was declared dead.

She attended school in Brooklyn, where she spent a lot of time. She had just graduated from high school in the spring and was enrolled in her first semester at Medgar Evers. Just a few months shy of turning 18, her life was tragically cut short, leaving her family inconsolable.

Ralik Smith, her brother, said: “She was a great kid, and she was caught in one of those positions where you have somebody who just don’t want to give up on, so you try to be with them every step of the way and an accident happened,”

“An irreversible accident.”

Their cousin, who she was with when the sad event occurred, was the person she didn’t want to give up on, according to her brother. Smith said: “She was at a point in life where she was really changing herself, making progress,”

“And she just wanted to bring somebody to that level with her. And unfortunately, their bad habits and history caught up with the both of them. But she’s the one that paid with her life.”


Raelynn, according to her brother, joined the track team, was dedicated to her church, and pursued a business major with a dance minor. He claims she had a close relationship with their cousin and warned them both to be cautious about who they hung out with. Smith said: “Affiliation is a dangerous thing,”

“That’s how we’re losing a lot of our young lives, the next generation, through affiliation. And for those young lives who are trying to work and bring that friend up and keep doing that, just be safe. And it’s OK if you have to snitch, it’s OK.”

Smith stated that all he asks is for the witnesses to the incident to come forward and be truthful so that the facts may be discovered.

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Detectives are speaking with a group of teenagers who were on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting as well as two women who called 911 to report the shooting. No one has been charged as of yet.

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