Who is Missing German Boy Joe? Found Alive After Getting Stuck In Sewer

A young youngster who had vanished from his parents’ front garden eight days earlier was miraculously discovered stuck in an underground sewer by a bystander. Joe, age eight, went missing on June 17 and is a resident of Oldenburg, Germany, with his parents.

He was not located despite a massive search effort that included hundreds of locals, investigators, and dog handlers. On June 25, a bystander called the police to report hearing a “faint crying sound” emanating from a sewer. At 6.22 am, the walker reported the noise to the police. Emergency services including police, firefighters, and others flocked to the scene.

Found Alive After Getting Stuck In Sewer

Around 200 meters from the family home in the Donnerschwee neighborhood, rescue personnel hurried to the site. Joe was at the bottom of the sewer when workers lifted the manhole cover. After calming him down, a firefighter went inside to winch him out.

According to German media, authorities are now looking into whether he got lost or was locked in, and they are considering the idea that he might have been there on purpose.

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Police are still looking into how Joe, who is said to have a mild mental development condition, was able to survive for so long down the storm drain, which is said to be only 65 feet from his parents’ home. Klatte said: “Our job is to find out how Joe got into the sewer hole.”

Image Credit: Newsflash


Is Joe Ok Now?

He was taken to the hospital right away and is now expected to recover fully despite suffering from hypothermia. According to the Oldenburg Police Department, he was fully looked after at a nearby hospital. In the upcoming days, he is anticipated to be questioned about what transpired.

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As reported by a local media source: “I saw how the boy was carefully pulled out of the hole, a helper calmed him down.”

“I didn’t know it was Joe. He looked unharmed. I can’t believe he was in there and alive!”

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