Who is Cazzy Wazzy? Little Boy Poops In Store’s Display Toilet

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After delightfully pooping in the display toilet of an appliance store, a 4-year-old UK kid created a great impact on social media, leaving his unfortunate parents to clean up the mess. A Facebook post about the fecal gaffe has received over 40,000 shares and 26,000 reactions.

Credit: Facebook/Cazzy Wazzy

Caroline Akhtar, the mother, described the scat-astrophe, which occurred Saturday morning at home supplies store B&Q in Glastonbury, as “can’t quite believe what’s happened.” The embarrassed mother was apparently out shopping for a washing line with her partner, Aaron, and their four-year-old son, Jacob, as well as their two daughters, Frankie, three, and Eliza, one.

Little Boy Poops In Store’s Display Toilet

Calamity came, however, when the parents turned their backs and Jacob sat down on one of the store’s display toilets to answer nature’s call. Carolina hurried over after spotting the stinky situation and told the indiscriminate defecator to “get off” in order to avoid tragedy, according to the Facebook post.

Jacob had taken a “quite big poo” in the show toilet by that time, so it was poo little poo late. Aaron fishing the excrement out of the potty with a plastic bag around his hand like a dog owner in the accompanying photos, which show little Jacob on the display toilet with his pants around his ankles and Aaron fishing the excrement out of the potty with a plastic bag around his hand like a dog owner.

Credit: Facebook/Cazzy Wazzy

Thankfully, the store employees were unconcerned about it. Caroline posted a Facebook post: “The young shop assistant couldn’t stop laughing but also completely ignored the situation, don’t blame the lad,”

And, despite their initial surprise, the mad pooper’s parents have learned to see the lighter side of the issue. Caroline shared her story with NeedToKnow.com. She said: “At first we were mortified but then we found it funnier and funnier,”

“I quick paced back to the car park to get wet wipes and nappy bags and couldn’t stop laughing then.”

“He said his sister, Frankie, said he could use it. Eliza was oblivious to it all and happy just playing on the toilets.”

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