Zendaya Pregnancy: Is Zendaya Pregnant? Rumor Spreads On Twitter And All Other Social Media

Zendaya Pregnant False or True?

A misleading Instagram post has gone viral on social media, leading some to believe that Euphoria star Zendaya is expecting Tom Holland’s child. Despite all of the emotions, memes, and conjecture, it’s all based on a single phony Instagram post that was shared on TikTok and later revealed to be a complete hoax.

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

Zendaya is not expecting a child. According to reports, You Just Got Krissed, a popular online joke, exploits fake headlines to gain likes and views. The TikTok video that has gone viral is a hoax, and many people have fallen for it. For those unfamiliar, an altered photograph of Zendaya went viral in January 2022, showing the actor flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.

Zendaya’s pregnancy rumors have caused quite a stir on social media.

Fans Reactions

Several of these TikTok posts were made a few days before the rumor became widely circulated. A video with the caption “random pregnancy scan” depicts a random prenatal scan. It said: “OMG Zendaya and her friends just announced that she is pregnant and tagged Tom Holland.”

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