Fields Mall Copenhagen Shooting: 3 killed, Suspect, Shooter

Fields Shopping Center Denmark

According to authorities, a shooter who opened fire in a Copenhagen shopping center on Sunday killed at least three people. Three of the wounded, among others, are in critical condition, according to police inspector Sren Thomassen. According to Thomassen, chief of the Copenhagen police operations unit, the suspect, a 22-year-old Danish man, was apprehended close to the Fields mall.

A man in his 40s and two young people were described as the three victims by Thomassen.

Copenhagen Shooting

Thomassen had earlier on Sunday stated that it was too early to guess on a cause but that terrorism couldn’t be completely ruled out. He pointed out that the police are not aware of any additional parties involved. We currently know this. Later on Sunday, the police said that the man had a firearm and ammo with him when he was taken into custody. He faces a manslaughter accusation and is scheduled to go in front of a court on Monday.

He claimed that at 5:37 p.m. local time, police received the initial reports of a shooting; 11 minutes later, the suspect was taken into custody. Thomassen referred to the suspect as an “ethnic Dane,” a term usually used to refer to a white person.

Copenhagen Shooter

A blurry image of the alleged shooter—a man in knee-length shorts, a vest or sleeveless shirt, and clutching what looked to be a weapon in his right hand—was released by the Danish television station TV2. Mahdi Al-Wazni, an eyewitness, told TV2: “He seemed very violent and angry,”

“He spoke to me and said it (the rifle) isn’t real as I was filming him. He seemed very proud of what he was doing.”

People were seen fleeing the mall in pictures taken at the site, and the Danish TV2 station shared a picture of a guy being carried on a stretcher. Witnesses reported seeing individuals crying and hiding in stores.

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Police asked store owners to save any possible video security footage because they have no evidence that other attackers were involved. More than 140 stores and eateries may be found at Field’s. The multi-story shopping center is situated close to a subway line that connects to the city center on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Shoppers reportedly panicked as shots rang out, according to eyewitnesses. One of them, Isabelle, spoke to the Danish media and said: “Suddenly we hear shots. I think I hear ten shots and then we run through the mall and end up in a toilet, where we huddle together in this tiny toilet, where we are around 11 people.”

“It’s really hot and we wait and we are really scared. It’s been a terrible experience.”

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