Who is Ellie Musgrove? 21-year-old British Woman Has Deadly Brain Tumor

A woman named Ellie Musgrove who thought she needed glasses was stunned when an optician detected a brain tumor and took her in for emergency surgery 12 hours later, stating that if it had been a day later, she would have died.

Ellie Musgrove, 21, only had two alcoholic beverages to celebrate her 21st birthday in January but immediately began to get severe headaches and neck pain. She knew this wasn’t just a hangover. Musgrove then recognized that her double vision and black spots were impairing her ability to see well when she was plucking her eyebrows.

Her symptoms didn’t go away after receiving a phone prescription for medication for an ear infection from her family doctor, so she made an appointment with an optician.


British Woman Have Deadly Brain Tumor

According to Musgrove: “I went from having my eyes tested at 11 a.m. to having emergency brain surgery by 11:30 p.m. on the same day,” South West News Service reported.

Musgrove, who is originally from Manchester, England, began having terrible headaches and neck pain shortly after turning 21 in January. Along with the black spots in her eyes, she also became aware of her double vision. She said: “My headaches and neck pains seemed to be worse in the mornings and evenings but were still in the background throughout the day,”

“My doctor suspected I had an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics, but my symptoms didn’t improve.”

Musgrove scheduled a consultation with Mahmood because she suspected she could require glasses. Mahmood said: “I noted swelling of the optic nerves in both eyes and this, in conjunction with Ellie’s symptoms, indicated that something was seriously wrong,”

“Urgent medical intervention was required, so I immediately referred Ellie to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.”

Musgove was transported by ambulance to the neurology department at Salford Royal Hospital where he underwent a plethora of scans and tests before being given the diagnosis of hydrocephalus, which is a deposit of fluid deep inside the brain, according to the Mayo Clinic. Musgrove stated: “The MRI confirmed I had a brain tumor between the pineal and pituitary glands, which was blocking the fluid flow around my brain,”

Is Ellie Musgrove Ok Now?

Fortunately, the tumor was revealed benign, and the fluid could be effectively drained. The British man was also found to have Addison’s disease, a rare ailment that develops when the body doesn’t create enough of a particular hormone.

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She said: “The tumor is affecting my pituitary gland, which is a devastating blow as I will have to take hydrocortisone steroids [to combat Addison’s disease] for the rest of my life,”

Musgrove won’t require surgery to remove the slow-growing tumor anytime soon, but she will need to be watched to make sure fluid doesn’t start to accumulate once more. Musgrove however expresses gratitude to Mahmood for bringing her immediately to the hospital and for saving her life. She said: “My life has been turned upside down, but I, along with my family, will be forever grateful to Aqeel Mahmood,”

“If it weren’t for him, I would not be here today. He saved my life.”

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