Who is Ava Anderson? 6-year-old Girl Face Eaten Neighbour’s Pitbull

On her way home from school, a six-year-old girl named Ava Anderson l was attacked by a dog, leaving her with 22 puncture wounds over her body, a fractured arm, and a broken nose. After the pit bull bit Ava Anderson, her nose was left hanging by a thread and required two weeks of hospital care.

Doctors were able to reconstruct her face, but now her family has paid $20,000 (£16,500) in hospital expenses. To help with the charges, they have set up a GoFundMe campaign. On April 20, Ava got off the school bus earlier than normal and proceeded, as usual, to wait at a neighbor’s house.

Girl Face Eaten Neighbour Pitbull

Ava claims that when the neighbor was dog-sitting, the dog rushed at her when the other young girl who lived there released the dog from its cage.

It took her into a cupboard, where it viciously mauled her while sinking its teeth into her arms and legs. The neighbor opened the door when she realized something wasn’t right, giving the girl an opportunity to escape free and pass out in the street.

Ava’s mother, Sherrell, 32, says that she turned onto the street a short while later and discovered her daughter crying and lying in the road. Her mother initially believed the girl had been hit by a car because of the paramedics who were surrounding her. Ava was taken to the hospital urgently, where she spent a fortnight having surgery to reattach her nose to her face.

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What Happened?

The youngster continued taking the bus to the same apartment until the end of the school year, when her mother would pick her up, despite the fact that Ava’s family was in the process of moving. Sherrell claimed that when her daughter tried to flee, the dog ‘immediately’ went after her, biting her from the waist down.

She said: “As I came into the complex I saw my baby laid out on the floor. There were paramedics there and there was blood everywhere,”

Is Ava Anderson Ok Now?

Ava underwent two facial reconstructions during her two weeks in the hospital in order to repair her nose, which is still shattered in two places.

The mother of three Sherrell claims that Ava is scared of pit dogs, concerned that people are staring at her because of her injuries, and is in constant pain. Sherrell said: “She’s healing OK but he has pain daily. I’m trying to do daily activities with her so she can be a kid.”

It’s unknown whether the vicious dog that attacked has been put down.

Ava Anderson GoFundMe

currently, her grandmother Virginia Anderson set up a GoFundMe account to pay for her medical expenses. Sherrell from Stafford, Texas, stated: “We’re backed up on bills for her and we need to pay for support we need for her,”

“Her face is still broken in two places, they want to see if it will heal before she goes into cosmetic surgery.”

“Her nose is not the same and she’s having breathing problems. She can’t breathe on the right side of her nose so we need to see if we can do anything for her.”

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