Who was Agostinho Ascenção da Silva? Influencer Júlia Reis Killed 86-years-old Man

An influencer who inflicted the death of an 86-year-old man in Brazil with her automobile is facing criticism after moaning about the victim’s family in a video posted with her internet followers. In the video explaining the fatal accident, which happened on October 14 in Itabirito, Minas Gerais, singer and model Julia Reis said, “I had an accident, which caused a man here, from my city, to be run over,”

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Agostinho Ascenço da Silva, 86, was reportedly crushed between the bombshell’s car and a wall after it collided with him outside his home.


What Happened?

Although Reis stated she swerved to avoid a child who had run into the road, it is unclear why she struck da, Silva. After the collision, witnesses and family members assisted in releasing da Silva by moving the automobile.

As soon as they got him to the hospital, they had to amputate both of his legs. The elderly man died five days after the accident, according to Jam Press, despite the greatest efforts of the medical staff to rescue him.

Although Reis’ automobile was damaged, she was just slightly hurt in the collision. representatives of the influencer wrote: “The singer is not at risk of life and is doing well,”

They said the model had apparently canceled a concert and was taking medicine because she was so “shaken” by the incident. Furthermore, Reis alleged in a subsequent video that the victim’s family had disregarded her after the tragedy, which may not have been unusual.

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She spoke up for the camera: “It so happens that even though the doctor advised me to take care of myself, I published on my social media, hours after the accident, an official statement offering my condolences to the elderly man’s family and making myself available to provide any necessary assistance,”

“However, as will be proven later, Mr Agostinho’s family refuses to respond to my attempts to contact them via WhatsApp.”

Photo Credit: nypost.com

Since then, Da Silva’s family has provided their account of the events. After the collision, his son Nilson Ribeiro reportedly heard his father screaming and raced to find him wedged between Reis’ car and the wall.

In addition, the victim’s upset offspring said that Julia attempted to flee the collision scene and was even repeatedly advised to “cool down,” according to G1.


Also present at the scene was Julia’s father, businessman Carlos de Jesus Soares. He had gotten into a fight with the deceased’s family, which the military intervened to end.

Reis, on the other hand, asserts that she doesn’t remember much of what happened and that she just regained consciousness after hearing Da Silva’s son yelling.

She had not been intoxicated when the breathalyzer test was conducted on her by police at the scene. Authorities are presently looking into the reported accident.

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